Our Approach

PICK of North Texas is a childcare association that focuses on the professional development of each member. Members can be a listed, registered or licensed in home child care providers. Each provider must remain current and in good standing with the Department Of Child Care Licensing as well as their local health and fire department. Meetings take place on the second Monday of each month in Allen, TX.  Members are also required pay annual dues. We are a non profit organization.

PICK holds annual elections in November for leadership positions for the following year. Our professionals are experienced and passionate about providing quality care to the families of North Texas. Through our monthly professional development, we ensure our members are current with the most recent guidelines and recommendations pertaining to childcare practices and procedures.

While each child care provider operates her business in her individual way, every member genuinely seeks to serve her families by utilizing her own unique style and talents.  Due to the great variety PICK of North Texas has to offer, we are hopeful you will be able to find the perfect in home child care for your family.

Meet the Team

Thank you to our team members who help organize and execute our events and meetings.

Ketevan Kavtaradze

PICK President

Member of PICK of North Texas since 2013.

Previously held office as the membership secretary.

Currently serving 2 years as the Co-Chair


Mary Kleinfall

Speaker Coordinator

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Parisa Asadi

Calling Committee

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